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Den perfekten Versandzeitpunkt gibt es nicht

25. July 2016


The Perfect Time To Hit Send

What really matters when you send an email campaign

“What is the perfect time to send my email campaign? Can we optimize our distribution time some more? Can we test them systematically?” We get these questions again and again from our clients and they are absolutely valid. If you think about it – the “better” the distribution time is the more likely your email […]

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12. May 2016


Email Service Providers Most Commonly Used by U.S. Online Shops

The Publicare Email Marketing Benchmark: Part 2

If for a moment you think of email service providers (ESPs) as auto manufacturers then the most popular ESP “auto manufacturers” in the United States produce affordable compact cars with a mix of safety features, superb fuel economy and reliable performance. Luxury features not essential for driving such as park assist or a superb sound […]

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3. March 2016

Comments Off on Trend: Kinetic Email

Trend: Kinetic Email

A Website In Your Inbox?

Works on a website – doesn’t work in email. Every email marketing manager has already shared in this frustration. Or, as Justin Khoo writes on Although HTML email has been around for almost as long as the Web, email has often been regarded as the Web’s ugly stepchild. The inconsistent and outdated HTML support […]

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19. November 2015


Email subscriber acquisition strategies of 6,000+ U.S. online shops

The Publicare Email Marketing Benchmark: Part 1

With digital marketing changing at the speed of technology, marketers are always faced with new email marketing trends and predictions. Yes – these trends can create opportunities, but they also create high expectations for companies. These expectations create the assumption that all of the top e-commerce websites adopt these trends and predictions shortly after their […]

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25. July 2014


Picsonal: Increased relevance through contextual e-mails

E-Mail marketing with context awareness

E-Mails: As relevant as a one-on-one conversation? When creating an e-mail campaign the crucial question we have to ask ourselves should be: How can we elevate marketing e-mails to (or close to) the level of a personal conversation? Most importantly, the rapid technological advancement in recent years has provided us and many other e-mail marketers […]

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24. July 2014


A new, strategic partnership: Kickdynamic

A new and powerful solution: context sensitive e-mails - Take e-mail to the next level with Picsonal

A promising new trend in e-mail marketing has arrived: context awareness. This is where dynamic image delivery in real time (live content) meets the latest trend in analyzing a variety of context factors such as detection of an e-mail recipient’s current location, including the current weather conditions, type of device used, etc. This powerful combination […]

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