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10 steps to a successful customer newsletter

20. December 2016


There are many points to be aware of when you’re drafting a newsletter for existing customers. Clients don’t like to hear the same old marketing mishmash again and again. A view beyond the marketing horizon can be helpful in two ways. Inside the company, different departments provide interesting and diverse content for the customer newsletter. […]

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Trend: Kinetic Email

3. March 2016

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Works on a website – doesn’t work in email. Every email marketing manager has already shared in this frustration. Or, as Justin Khoo writes on Although HTML email has been around for almost as long as the Web, email has often been regarded as the Web’s ugly stepchild. The inconsistent and outdated HTML support […]

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Picsonal: Increased relevance through contextual e-mails

25. July 2014


E-Mails: As relevant as a one-on-one conversation? When creating an e-mail campaign the crucial question we have to ask ourselves should be: How can we elevate marketing e-mails to (or close to) the level of a personal conversation? Most importantly, the rapid technological advancement in recent years has provided us and many other e-mail marketers […]

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