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Trend: Kinetic Email

3. March 2016

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Works on a website – doesn’t work in email. Every email marketing manager has already shared in this frustration. Or, as Justin Khoo writes on Although HTML email has been around for almost as long as the Web, email has often been regarded as the Web’s ugly stepchild. The inconsistent and outdated HTML support […]

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How mobile do emails need to be? As mobile as the people reading them!

25. June 2013


Responsive Design

Emails have been mobile a good while now. In a recent survey by Return Path 62 percent of all respondents in the UK said they read their mail on mobile devices every day – and 71 percent do so on a desktop PC. This adds up to more than 100 percent, because many of them […]

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Padding, spacers and other tricks

2. April 2013



The technical properties of browsers and email clients can greatly influence the way an email campaign is presented. To ensure an acceptable end result, the chief pitfalls associated with implementing a campaign in HTML should be well understood by everyone involved – from project managers and concept developers to copywriters, designers and programmers. We have […]

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